Welcome to our Webstore!

Please Note: 
~ NO giving away donor items E.g: /skull gives you any players head, these are not shareable with players who have not supported AvesMC.
~ Buy something $5 or more get the Supporter Role on our Discord Server!
~ It takes time for purchases to process and may take a couple of minutes before your rank shows up in-game. If you waited a couple of minutes and your rank still hasn't shown up contact one of our fabulous staff members in-game or in Discord. 

~ If your buying something for a friend make sure you enter their full username when as not your own so your purchases don't get put on your account. If this happens accidentally no worries, contact a staff member we'll fix this for you.

Included With Your Purchase:
~ All Donor Ranks come with a Supporter Role on our Discord Server!
~ Access to our Donor/Support only Discord channel!
~ Exclusive access to our test server!
~ Each Donor Rank makes you exempt from being auto-kicked from the server for idling too long. Yay!

Every cent spent goes towards the growth and future of AvesMC, thank you for your support!
- AvesMC Staff